Since September 2000, all Advanced Level courses have been based on four or six approximately equal sized units (modules).

The first two or three units are designated as Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and are based on Year 12 work.  The final two or three units are designated as A LEVEL units and are based on Year 13 work.

Some of the A LEVEL units have elements of synoptic assessment i.e they examine work done in Year 12.

An AS qualification exists on its own and it carries the UCAS points equivalent to half of an A level.  Pupils might decide not to carry on with A LEVEL work in a particular subject or start doing a different AS subject in Year 13.  (Timetable constraints permitting).

The purpose of AS is to :-

  • Provide better progression from GCSE to A Level.
  • Encourage students to study a BROADER range of subjects in Year 12.
  • Subjects will be placed in five option pools.
  • Pupils will have the opportunity to choose up to 5 AS levels from different option pools.


Both A Level and AS level will be graded at A, B, C, D, E pass grades and U (unclassified) denoting a fail. A-levels also have an A* grade available.

Monthly attendance checks will be made and parents informed if a pupils’ attendance in lessons falls below 90%.  If a pupil’s attendance falls below this level they will be expected to pay their examination entry fees and in cases where a pupil’s attendance is very low they will not be entered for any examinations.


A fee will be levied for each resit module entered. 



Pupils with low attendance figures, without valid reasons, will be expected to pay for all examination entries.



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