Biology (Bryn Celynnog)

Level: AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board:  WJEC

Location: Bryn Celynnog


The new specification presents essential principles in contexts that students will find interesting.  Fundamental Biology is studied through aspects of disease causing organisms and their effects.

This course builds upon concepts and skills that have been developed in the GCSE Science course.

It presents Biology as exciting, relevant and challenging.

The course emphasises the way in which scientists work and the contributions of science to modern society.

BY1 – Basic Biochemistry and Organisation
BY2 – Biodiversity and Physiology of Body Systems
BY3 – Investigative and practical skills
BY4 – Metabolism, Microbiology and Homeostasis
BY5 – Environment, Genetics and Evolution
BY6 – Investigative and practical skills

Career Opportunities

Studying Biology is a good entry route into a variety of careers, ranging from veterinary work, animal husbandry, environmental sciences, biochemistry, therapeutic medicine and medical careers.  As a subject, Biology is a well-respected qualification for entry into higher education and the world of work, as it indicates a high level of analytical skills.

Requirements/Skills for entry onto the course

All students should have at least 2 grade B’s in GCSE Science.

Staff to consult for further information

Ms. F Hockings

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