Chemistry (Bryn Celynnog)

Level: AS and A Level

Exam Board: OCR

Location:  Bryn Celynnog


The chemistry course is intended for pupils who wish to pursue their studies of chemistry to a greater depth and understanding than that required for GCSE. The emphasis of this course is on developing understanding and applying knowledge to explain modern applications of chemistry.

The specification is divided into chemical topics, each containing different key concepts of chemistry. Once key features of a chemical topic are developed a range of applications will be considered. Knowledge and understanding of key concepts in chemistry will be assessed separately from practical skills which will be developed throughout the course.

The course is divided into the following areas:

AS Level A Level
F321: Atoms, Bonds and Groups

  • Atoms and reactions
  • Electrons, Bonding and  Structure
  • The Periodic Table
F324:   Rings, Polymers and Analysis

  • Rings, Acids and Amines
  • Polymers and Synthesis
  • Analysis
F322:   Chains, Energy Resources

  • Basic Concepts and  Hydrocarbons
  • Alcohols and Halogeoalkanes
  • Energy
  • Resources
F325:   Equilibria, Energetics and Elements

  • Rates, Equilibrium and pH
  • Energy
  • Transition Elements
F323:   Practical Skills In Chemistry 1 F326:   Practical Skills in Chemistry 2


Units F321 and F322 at AS level and units F324 and F325 at A Level are assessed through written examinations. The practical skills units are assessed by internal assessment.

Entry Requirements

All students should have at least a B grade in their GCSE science studies. Students opting to study chemistry should have an enquiring mind and an interest in and aptitude for science studies. The chemistry course is academically challenging and students need to have good time management skills and the motivation to work to the best of their abilities.

Careers Opportunities

Follow a degree course in Chemistry, Environmental Science, Medicine, Pharmacy, Forensic Science or one of many other courses. Follow a Higher National course in Applied Chemistry, Beauty Therapy, Engineering, Environmental Science, Sports Studies etc.

Employment opportunities are available in the areas of pharmacy, biotechnology, chemical engineering, medical science, research and development and many more.

Staff to consult for further information:

Ms. C. Broom

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