Drama (Y Pant)

Level: AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board: WJEC

Location: Y Pant School


The aim is to appreciate and understand theatre as an art form. This is done in both a practical and theoretical context. It enables each candidate to develop his or her performance skills and skills of interpreting text for academic study.

Requirements/Skills for entry to the course

  • C grade or above at GCSE.
  • Potential candidates who have not studied Drama at GCSE should see subject staff for advice.

 Brief Outline of the Course

AS Level (2 units of study)
DA1 – 20% – Practical Performance – 60 marks – Unit Title – Performance Workshop
Candidates will either act in a group or contribute their chosen technical production skill to a performance from a set text and a devised piece. They will work on the ideas of two practitioners.This unit is internally marked and externally moderated.
DA2 – 30% – 2 Hour Written Paper – 120 marks – Unit Title – Text in Performance
Candidates will answer 3 questions on:-          One pre-1900 text from a prescribed list.

–          One post-1900 text from a prescribed list.

–          A live theatre review.

This unit is externally marked.

A Level (The above plus a further 2 units of study)
DA3 – 30% – Practical Performance – 150 marks – Unit Title – Performance on a Set Theme
Candidates will be expected to work in response to a theme set by the WJEC and prepare two performances. In each case candidates will either act or demonstrate a technical production skill with a group of performers. This performance will include:-          Scenes/extracts from a published text

–          A piece devised by the group.

An evaluation of performance work for both pieces will be required. The unit is externally marked.

DA4 – 20% – 2and a half Hour Written Paper – 80 marks – Unit Title – Text in Context
1. Candidates will study 2 set texts from a prescribed list: one pre-1900 and one post-1900. This is an open text examination – candidates will be asked to discuss the play as a whole, including the following aspects.-          Theatrical Context

–          Performance History

–          Theatrical Challenges of text in terms of acting.

–          Theatrical challenges of text in terms of production skills.

–          Personal reaction to the text.

2. Candidates will be asked to analyse an unseen text from a director’s point of view. There are four sections to this paper:

– Ground Plan

– Design/Costume

– Lighting/Sound

– Movement.

This unit is externally marked.

Staff to consult for further information – Mr Owen Thomas – Head of Drama

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