French (Bryn Celynnog)

Level:                          As and A Level

Exam Board:                 WJEC

Location:                      Bryn Celynnog


The purpose of the course is to enable students to communicate effectively in the language using listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students will be able to develop their knowledge of the language beyond GCSE, for further study or practical use.  The A LEVEL course also provides a sound basis for those wishing to continue to degree level.  The course content will also foster an understanding of the culture of France/Spain and French/Spanish speaking counties as well as a spirit of general European awareness.

The AS module will include the study of a range of topics relating to contemporary society.

Topics covered in this first year are as follows

I Leisure and lifestyles including travel and tourism, sport, hobbies, entertainment, customs, traditions, healthy and unhealthy living.
Ii The individual and Society including relationships and responsibilities, gender issues, youth culture, education, vocational training and future careers.

To complete the A LEVEL module students will also cover the following areas of study.

I Environmental issues, including technology, pollution, global warming, transport, energy, nuclear energy, renewable energies, conservation, recycling and sustainability.
Ii Social and political issues including the role of the media, racism, immigration, social exclusion and integration, terrorism and the world of work.

In addition part of the A LEVEL course of study will involve choosing one or two of the following options:  The world of cinema or the world of literature or the regions of France.  Candidates must undertake two studies:  Either both from the same option (e.g. two books, two films, two regions) OR one from each of two options (e.g. one book plus one film, or one film plus one region, or one book plus one region).  The essay will be based on the prescribed list of books, films and regions.

AS French

A LEVEL French

FN1  ORAL 40%  (20% of A LEVEL) FN3  ORAL 20%
FN2 Listening  Reading and Writing 60% (30% of A LEVEL) FN4  Listening Reading and Writing 30%


 Requirements / skills for entry onto the course

All students should at least have a B grade in GCSE.  Students who have a C grade may only be accepted after consultation with staff and then only on condition that the first term is a probationary period.

Career Opportunities

Those students with a qualification in languages can look forward to promising career opportunities in fields such as business, manufacturing, catering, tourism, travel, publishing, journalism, secretarial positions, administration, the Police Force, the armed forces, the civil service, international organisations, import/export, hospitality, advertising, communications, computing, teaching, translating and interpreting.

Staff to consult for further information:

Mrs J Patterson

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