Further Mathematics (Bryn Celynnog)

Exam Board: WJEC

Location: Bryn Celynnog


Students follow Further Mathematics alongside the Mathematics course.  They study Pure Mathematics, Further Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.

Assessment is 100% examination.  The AS course involves 3 examinations.  The A level course involves a further 3 examinations.  All examinations are 1 hour 30 minutes.

Further Mathematics would be beneficial to anybody wishing to do further studies in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering.

Year 12

In Year 12 students follow the full A Level Mathematics course i.e. modules C, C2, C3, C4, M1 and S1 (as described on the previous page).

Year 13

In Year 13 students follow the M2, M3, S2, S3, FP1 and FP2 modules (3 modules for AS and all 6 modules for the full A level).


M3 Mechanics Differential Equations, Simple Harmonic Motion, Statics and Impulsive Tension in strings
S3 Statistics Samples and populations, hypothesis testing, confidence limits and principle of least squares.
FP1 Further Pure Mathematics Induction, Series, Complex Numbers, Roots of polynomial equations, Matrices, Transformations and logarithmic differentiation
FP2 Further Pure Mathematics Partial Fractions, D’Moivre’s Theorem, Trigonometric Equations, Set Theory, Graph Sketching, Conics and Further Integration


To study Further Mathematics, students must have an excellent grasp of the GCSE course.  They must have a genuine commitment to the subject.

Career Opportunities

Further Mathematics provides an excellent foundation for many occupations and entry to higher/further education.

Staff to consult for further information:

Mr. P. Smith, Mr. D. Evans

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