Geography (Bryn Celynnog)

Level:                          AS & A Level

Exam Board:                 WJEC

Location:                      Bryn Celynnog


Geography at ‘A’ level has always proved to be a popular subject complementing both Arts and Science.

The course is divided into two units in Year 12.

Unit 1 G 1: Changing physical environments

  • Investigating Climate Change
  • Investigating Tectonic and Hydrological Change
Unit 2 G2: Changing human environments

  • Investigating population change
  • Investigating settlement change in MEDSs

This will make up the AS qualification.

The two units in Year 13 are:-

Unit 3 G3a: Contemporary themes and research in Geography

  • Extreme Environments
  • Development

G3b Research investigation

Unit 4 G4: Sustainability

  • Sustainable Food supply
  • Sustainable Water supply
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable Cities

Decision making examination (2 hours & 15 Minutes) in Year 13.

**There are no coursework requirements.

Fieldwork Year 12: River study (G1) and Urban study (G2)

Year 13: Residential excursion (G3b)

Requirement / skills for entry onto the course

The Geography A and AS level course is offered to students who have achieved a minimum GCSE grade B in the subject.  This is an exciting and challenging new syllabus which allows for staged assessment.  It will train students to appreciate different viewpoints, apply all the key skills and formulate reasoned opinions.

Career Opportunities:

  • Landscape Architecture, Environmental Consultant
  • Flood Protection, Weather Forecaster, Cartographer
  • Hydrologist, Town Planner, Pollution Analyst
  • Earth Scientist, Conservation Officer, Tourism & Travel
  • Surveyor, Hazard Prediction & Management

Staff to consult for further information

Mrs. S. Hann, Mrs. A. Hurley, Mrs. E. Knight

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