ICT (Y Pant School)

Subject: Information and Communication Technology

Exam Board: OCR

Course Title: OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Introductory Diploma in IT

Location: Y Pant

What is the course about?

This is a practical ICT course allowing students to gain the skills needed by a wide variety of users.  It is assessed continuously through 6 coursework modules and has no exams.  The skills developed during the course include professional design for business, research and report writing, Flash animation, web design, the use of spreadsheets for complex problem solving and using Google Docs for collaborative working with other students.  The OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Introductory Diploma in IT attracts UCAS points as outlined below.

Requirements / Skills for Entry to the course

Ideally students should have a qualification in ICT such as GCSE ICT / Computing.  However the most important requirements are a keen interest in all aspects of ICT, the ability to work independently and to keep to strict deadlines.
The OCR National in ICT Level 3 Certificate is graded Distinction, Merit or Pass and the UCAS equivalent is as follows:


OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technicals Introductory Diploma in IT
OCR Grade UCAS Tariff A-Level Equivalent
Distinction * 140 A*
Distinction 120 A
Merit 80 C
Pass 40 E

Brief Outline of the Course and Method of Assessment

The course is modular and is assessed internally (moderately externally); there is no exam.  The course comprises six units studied across year 12 and 13.

The mandatory units are:

Communication & Employability Skills for IT

This unit allows students to understand what an employer expects of an individual and how to communicate effectively while developing their own personal development needs.

Information Systems

This unit will ensure that students have a greater understanding of how organisations use information internally and externally.  The skills gained by completing this unit will give students knowledge of the functionality of information and the ability to produce management systems.

We then go on to study 4 more units.  There are a wide range of units to choose from, including: –

  • Game Development
  • Project planning in IT
  • Managing Networks
  • E-Commerce
  • Computer Animation
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • 2D Animation Productions
  • Client-side customisation of web pages


Career Opportunities/Additional Information

The course is intended to be of interest to a wide range of candidates; those wishing to study a Higher Education course or those wishing to pursue a career in ICT or a career where ICT plays an important part.

Further information:

Head of ICT – Mrs K Davey or the OCR website


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