Law (Bryncelynnog)

Level: AS & A Level

Exam Board: WJEC

Location: Bryn Celynnog

Requirements/Skills for entry to the course

Students should have 5 GCSE grade B passes and above.  It is preferable for students to have achieved at least a grade B in both Mathematics and English.


The Business Studies Department offers the WJEC Advanced GCE in Law specification in Year 12 and 13.

The course can be studied at AS or A level, a summary of the scheme assessment for AS and A level is set out in the table below.

The course aims to develop

  • Knowledge and understanding of selected areas of law and the legal system in England and Wales
  • An understanding of legal method and reasoning; techniques of logical thinking, and the skills necessary to analyse problems by applying legal rules.
  • The ability to communicate legal arguments and conclusions with reference to appropriate legal authority.
  • A critical awareness of the changing nature of law in society.
  • Knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of individuals as citizens including, where appropriate, an understanding of moral, spiritual and cultural issues.
  • A sound basis for further study.

The specification offers the opportunity for students to cover the full range of key wider skills.

The specification at a glance

AS Modules

Unit LA1 Written Paper 11/2 hrs:

50% AS, 25% A2

Understanding the Legal Values, Structures and Process

Answer two essay questions from a choice of six.

Unit LA2 Written Paper 11/2 hrs:

50% AS, 25% A2

Understanding Legal Reasoning, Personnel and Methods

Answer two from four stimulus response questions.

A2 Modules

Unit LA3 Written Paper 11/2 hrs:

20% A2

Understanding Substantive Law: Freedom, the State and the Individual: Criminal Law and Justice

Answer two problem questions from a choice of four.

Unit LA4 Written Paper 21/2 hrs:

30% A2

Understanding Law in Context: Freedom, the State and the Individual: Criminal Law and Justice

Candidates answer two out of four questions in Section A and one stimulus response question from a choice of two in Section B.

Career Opportunities/Additional Information

This specification provides a suitable foundation for the study of Law or a related area through a range of higher education courses; progression to the next level of vocational qualifications; or direct entry into employment.  In addition, the specification provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for candidates who do not progress to further study in this subject.

Staff to consult for further information

Miss L. Whitcombe, Mr. C. Davies

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