Mathematics (Y Pant)

AS and A LEVEL, Exam Board: WJEC

Location: Y Pant

Pure Mathematics: – The development and acquisition of techniques and skills which can be applied to more advanced problems in Mathematics.

Statistics: – The use of probability and statistical inference to solve real-life problems.

Mechanics: – Modelling the real-life interaction of bodies and forces both in dynamic and static situations.

Requirements/Skills for entry to the Course

A minimum grade B or above at higher tier. The ability to manipulate and understand algebraic formulae is essential.

Brief outline of the Course

This is a modular course. In year 12 students will study one unit on Pure Mathematics (P1) and one in Applied Mathematics (A1) (Statistics and Mechanics) leading to an AS level in Maths. Progress to A LEVEL will depend on a satisfactory standard being gained at AS. In year 13 students will again study one unit on Pure Mathematics (P2) and one in Applied Mathematics (A2) (Statistics, Mechanics and Differential Equations) leading to an A level in Maths.

Methods of Assessment

The 2 AS exams (making up 40% of the final mark) will be taken in June of year 12 and the 2 A2 exams (making up 60% of the final mark) in June of year 13.

Career Opportunities/Additional Information

  • Provides an analytic base for social sciences, economics and geography.
  • Supports engineering disciplines and science courses.
  • Essential for study at degree level.
  • Provides opportunities for recreational and problem solving activities.

Staff to consult for further information – Mr. R. Fisher


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