Media Studies (Bryn Celynnog)

Level: AS & A Level

Exam Board: WJEC

Location: Bryn Celynnog


This course is an in-depth study of the impact of the media in our lives and allows for the opportunity to produce new media products and to analyse their effectiveness.

AS  – 2 Units




Media Representations and Responses (External Assessment)

Students will explore a variety of media texts through the study of genre, representation, narrative and audience. They will have the opportunity to analyse texts such as magazines, films, televisions and print based advertisements, film posters etc.

Examples of activities are:

  • Analysis of the representation of gender
  • Study of the generic conventions of the gangster genre
  • Explore the narratives of the science fiction genre
  • Investigate the audience of teenage magazines
  • Study the effects of the conventions of action film trailers


Media Production Processes (Internal Assessment)

Students will complete one pre-production piece, one production piece and a report of 1200-1600 words.

Examples of linked pre-production and production tasks include:

  • A storyboard of the trailer for a new BBC1 television crime drama (preproduction) and the trailer for that drama (production)
  • A script or shooting script for the opening sequence of a teen horror film (preproduction) and a marketing campaign for a new teen horror film, to include at least the dvd cover and one poster (production)
  • Draft designs for two magazine front covers (pre-production) and a double page spread for one of those magazines (production)
  • Prototype design for a new website (pre-production) and the completed website consisting of a home page and at least two associated web pages (production).

A2 – 2 Units



Media Investigation and Production (Internal Assessment)

Students will develop the knowledge and skills acquired at AS. In particular, it is designed to demonstrate the importance of research in informing media production and to develop the skills acquired in MS2.

Students are required to produce three pieces of linked work:

  • a research investigation (1400 – 1800 words)
  • a production (informed by the investigation)
  • a brief evaluation (500 – 750 words).

Examples of investigations include:

  • the representation of teenagers in two British films
  • the generic similarities between Dr Who and Stargate
  • the narrative structures of The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.

For the production students are required to submit a production which should develop from and be informed by the candidate’s research investigation.

Examples of production tasks:

  • Audio-visual productions
  • Print-based productions (or their digital equivalent) should be a minimum of 3 pages.

The production must be accompanied by an individual evaluation which explores how the production has been informed by the research undertaken into the relevant media concept.

The evaluation can be produced in any appropriate form such as:

  •  a discursive essay (with or without illustrations)
  • a digital presentation with slide notes (such as a PowerPoint)
  • a suitably edited blog


Media – Text, Industry and Audience

Students will develop their knowledge of the relationship between a variety of media texts and their industries and audiences. Three media industries are studied form the following: television, advertising, film, radio, newspapers, music, magazines and comics, computer games

Examples of activities are:

  • Analysis of representation in This Is England
  • Study the generic  conventions of The Bourne Ultimatum
  • Explore the narrative of Atonement

Requirements / skills for entry onto course

Pupils are required to have achieved a B in GCSE Film Studies or GCSE English.

Career Opportunities

An excellent preparation for a variety of careers in all areas of the Media – press, publishing, film radio etc and because of the investigative nature of the coursework, excellent preparation for all university courses.

Staff to consult for further information

Mrs L. Walters, Ms R Morgan

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