Media Studies (Y Pant)

Level:                    AS and A LEVEL

Exam Board:                    WJEC

Location:               Y Pant School



This provides a framework for analyzing media texts and explores representations and audience responses.

Candidates will be encouraged to:

  • explore the media through a study of genre, narrative and representation
  • make connections between the texts and audience responses to them
  • explore the representations of social/cultural groups, events, issues and their underlying messages and values.

A range of texts will be used. Example activities:

  • Compare the representation of femininity in two music videos?
  • Analyse the presentation of asylum seekers in the press.
  • Study the use of generic conventions in the trailer for I am Legend
  • Investigate the influence of the internet, video games and video nasties one young people.
  • Explore how the narratives of The Usual Suspects/Pan’s Labyrinth challenge audience expectations.


This practical unit enables candidates to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and skills in media production through research, planning, production and evaluation.

Candidates will be required to produce three pieces of linked work.

  • a pre-production reflecting research and demonstrating planning techniques
  • a production which has developed out of the pre-production
  • a report of 1200 – 1600 words.

Examples of linked pre-production and production tasks include:

  • A storyboard of the trailer for a new BBC1 television crime drama (preproduction) and the trailer for that drama (production)
  • A script or shooting script for the opening sequence of a teen horror film (preproduction) and a marketing campaign for a new teen horror film, to include at least the dvd cover and one poster (production)
  • Draft designs for two magazine front covers (pre-production) and a double page spread for one of those magazines (production)
  • Prototype design for a new website (pre-production) and the completed website consisting of a home page and at least two associated web pages (production).



This develops the knowledge and skills acquired at AS results in a final coursework project. In particular, it is designed to demonstrate the importance of research

Candidates are required to produce three pieces of linked work:

  • a research investigation (1400 – 1800 words)
  • a production (informed by the investigation)
  • a brief evaluation (500 – 750 words).

(a) Research Investigation

Candidates investigate a specific area of study focused on one of the following concepts: genre, narrative or representation


  • the representation of teenagers in two British films
  • the representation of American Teenagers in Grease and Mean Girls
  • the generic similarities between Dr Who and Stargate
  • the narrative structures of The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.
  • The representation of genre with close reference to The Kooks and The Arctic Monkeys

(b) Production

This should develop from the candidate’s research investigation and can be video or print based.


  • A CD/DVD special edition for an invented band/ITV Science Fiction programme
  • A video of the opening sequence of a new BBC reality show
  • A trailer for a new British film.

(c) Evaluation

The production must be accompanied by an individual evaluation which can be produced in any appropriate form such as an essay, a digital presentation or a blog.


This develops their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between media texts, their audiences and the industries which produce and distribute them.

They study three different media industries from the list below:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Film
  • Music
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Advertising

Staff to consult for further information:  Miss L Umbleja

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