Welsh (Bryn Celynnog)

Subject: Welsh 2nd Language

Level: AS & A LEVEL

Exam Board:  WJEC

Location: Bryn Celynnog


The implementation of the National Curriculum and the recent Welsh Language Act have highlighted the relevance of Welsh in the work place and the importance of the ability to offer this language in numerous fields.

AS Module

Study of Welsh film and media to be discussed in a group.

Written coursework – folio 2,000 – 3,000 words with at least 4 different pieces of work.  Language work – grammar, mutations, tenses, extended language exercises.

Grammar and  modern Welsh poetry – 7 set poems.

Assessment AS Module

  1. Group oral examination CA1 (20%)
  2. Internal assessment of coursework CA LEVEL (15%) 1 piece to be done under exam in class.
  3. Written examination – 2 hours CA3 (15%) Grammar and Poetry.

A LEVEL Module

Study of Welsh play and media to be discussed in oral exam.

Study of short stories.

Translation languaging work.

Further study of language.

Further study of poetry.

A LEVEL Module

  1. Group Oral exam of play studied CA4 (15%)
  2. Written essay on short story and translation task CA5 1 hour 45 mins (20%)
  3. Final written exam – CA6 1 hour 45 mins(15%) Grammar and Poetry

Requirement / skill for entry onto the course

Pupils should have gained at least a grade B in Welsh at GCSE.

Career Opportunities

There is growing demand for Welsh qualifications for example in Primary/Secondary Tertiary Education, library/museum work, journalism, nursing, media, publishing, tourism, banking, commerce, law, theatre, television, Local Authorities, Government, publishing and the Welsh Office to name but a few.

Staff to consult for  further information

Mrs. H. Wilks

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